T-Shock CryoSculpting Consultation at TNT Cryo Spa in Casper, WY is FREE and is required for any T-Shock spa services.

Call 307-215-1712 to schedule your consultation today!

Pricing varies for each individual. During your complimentary consultation we will work together to build a package that suits you and your budget.

Spa Services

T-Shock Facials

Double Chin
WOW, Lunchtime Lift, Rosacea, Acne
Anti-Aging or Facelift

T-Shock CryoSlimming

Fat Removal - 30 mim
Fat Removal - 60 min

T-Shock CryoToning

CryoToning - 30 min
CryoToning - 60 min

T-Shock CryoCellulite

CryoCellulite Reductions - 60 min

T-Shock Butt-Lift

Butt-Lift - 60 min

T-Shock CryoPhysio

CryoPhysio - 8-14 min


  • Anti-Aging CryoFacial
  • Facelift CryoFacial
  • WOW CryoFacial
  • Lunchtime Lift CryoFacial
  • Rosacea Reduction CryoFacial
  • Decollette CryoFacial
  • Double Chin CryoFacial
  • Severe Wrinkles (coupler)
  • Decollette CryoFacial
  • Double Chin CryoFacial