Full Body Sindle Cyrotherapy Session


Getting ready to immense yourself in the power of healing in our cryotherapy tank. Individual sessions last 30 seconds to 3 minutes depending on the lcient. Plan on 10-15 minutes from start to finish. Sessions may help chronic inflammation and inflammatory diseases, perfect for post operation healing, post injury healing, muscle recovery, chronic pain, energy and libido boost, insonmia issues, boosts immune systems, depression, vitality, metabolism, tightens and tones skin reduces celliulite and wrinkles. This is not a medical device or treatment. We do not guarantee any of the above results. Pacakges available at checkout for even bigger discounts.



15-minutes designed to target localized area. Relives tight, sore muscles and inflammation

T-Shock Facials

WOW Facelift


This 30-minute faciel is designed for anyone who wants to quickly obtain a smoother, more radiant luminious, toned sin. Helps reduce scne and signs of Rosacea.

Anti-aging and Facelift


This 60-minute facial is designed for anyone who wants to reduce the aging process. Prevention and recovery from the signs of aging. Tightens skin to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and skin laxity. Smoother and more radiant toned skin. Reduces acne and signs of Rosacea.

Severe Wrinkle


Target severe wrinkle lines. helps smooth out those stubborn wrinkles in just 15 minutes. Add this targeted area service to any facial

Double Chin


Designed to contract hte skin giving the appearance of a smaller, more tailored under the chin area. This is not fat reduction

Turkey Neck


Focused on tightening skin in just 15 minutes. This is a fast switch of temperatures using thermal shock to tihten loose skin.


Designed on target areas. You decide where we begin.


$200.00/30 minutes | $300.00/60 minutes

Focused on tightening and texture of loose skin.


$200.00/30 minutes | $300.00/60 minutes

Tightens excessive loose skin due to weight loss. Great for clients who are undergoing rapid weight loss or gastric bypass surgery.

Fat Removal

$200.00/30 minutes | $300.00/60 minutes

Reduces fat when diet and excercise isn't enough. Fat reduction treatments should be completed once every 2 weeks in teh same area until desired results are acheived. Clents must follow this treatment with a process to promote lymphatic drainage.

Cellulite Reduction


60 minute Celluliete treatments should be completed once a week until desired results are acheived.