Make the Most of Your Spa Visit in Casper, WY

Add an anti-aging facial to your treatment

When you come to TNT Cryo Spa, you can do so much more than just sculpting cryo treatments. Sit for an anti-aging facial to remove eyebags and wrinkles. You'll walk away looking and feeling many years younger. Our CryoFacial helps to get rid of discoloration and lines on your face.

We offer a variety of different facials. You can get a:

Facelift CryoFacial
WOW CryoFacial
Lunchtime Lift CryoFacial
Rosacea Reduction CryoFacial
Decollette CryoFacial
Double Chin CryoFacial
Severe Wrinkles (coupler)

Contact us today to schedule your anti-aging facial in Casper, WY.