Welcome toTNT Cryo Spa!

Tammy 'N Tayler make up the dynamic mother/daughter duo to help you achieve all of your goals for a healthier version of yourself.

TNT Cryo Spa was built on the foundation of wanting to help others achieve the best version of themselves. Tammy, devoted to health and fitness, saw a need for an alternative wellness approach in the city of Casper. For some, the gym can be intimidating to try and lose weight and improve their health. That's when she had the idea to introduce cryotherapy and CryoSculpting as a way for people to start feeling comfortable in their own skin, ready to embark on the journey of a healthy lifestyle.

Giving clients the opportunity to see changes in their body gives them confidence to step out of their comfort zone and feel better about themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Tammy and Tayler, the mother-daughter duo, also love how much cryotherapy can do for mental health and wellness for people of all ages. As a mother and daughter team, they are able to work around and fit everyone's schedule, helping those to jumpstart their path to healthier living.

Find your happiness, and help your body feel great.