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Shape your body with our cryo sculpting services in Casper, WY

Have you struggled with getting your body to look the way you want it? TNT Cryo Spa is here to help. We perform cryo sculpting, a procedure that works to smooth out wrinkles, cellulite and other unwanted features. It also helps to tone and slim your body shape.

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Slim down at our cryo spa in Casper, WY

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What makes TNT Cryo Spa the right choice for you?

Tammy and Tayler are the mother-daughter duo in charge of this cryo spa. We're ready to help you achieve all your goals related to your appearance. We know that cryotherapy can work wonders for both your body and your mind. Gain confidence and comfort from our spa.

We use the T-Shock by Pagani. The award-winning Cryo T-Shock, best known for winning the 2014 Most Innovative Device award at the Gicare International Expo in Paris, is a versatile machine that uses thermal shock technology to provide clients everything from non-invasive facelifts to quick pain relief. We'll provide a detailed, customized plan to help you achieve your desired results.

Plan a trip to our cryo spa for a whole new you

You can have all sorts of treatments done at our cryo spa. We have the resources to help you feel better about your face, butt and body shape. Give yourself a relaxing and rejuvenating treat by coming to our spa.

You can set up appointments for:

Body toning
Nonsurgical butt lifts
Nonsurgical facelifts
T-Shock treatments

Visit our cryo spa in Casper, WY today to start working toward your better body.